The Legendary 1965 MG B Roadster, Former Press Darling, Makes a Thrilling Comeback on the Track

A piece of automotive history is set to return to the limelight as the legendary 1965 MG B Roadster, which served as a publicity and press vehicle in the 1960s and early 1970s, will be participating in the Spa 3 Hours race at the Spa Summer Classic 2023. UK drivers Richard Wilson and Frank Thomson will be behind the wheel of this remarkable car, which has a storied past and a unique place in motorsports history.

Originally owned and registered by the MG Works, the car was primarily used for publicity and press purposes before being transferred to Teesdale Publications, the publisher of Motor Sport magazine. The factory invoice even suggests that the car was given to the publishers in return for favorable reviews, further solidifying its unique position in the world of automotive journalism. The MG B was then used as a press car to follow the Grand Prix Circus and World Rally Championships around Europe, mainly driven by journalist and photographer Laurie Morton.

Already famous at the time, the car's silhouette can be spotted in period adverts for Dunlop tires, notably in the RAC Rally marketing literature. Incidentally, one of the publications supposedly depicting the Kielder Forest actually shows a quiet little road near Laurie Morton's home near Snetterton, with his wife at the wheel.

Throughout its time as a press car, this roadster played a crucial role in covering major motorsports events, bringing racing action closer to fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

This remarkable car's enduring legacy is a testament to the timeless appeal of vintage sports cars and the rich history of motorsports journalism. As this MG B Roadster takes its place on the starting grid at the Spa 3 Hours race, it will undoubtedly evoke nostalgic memories of the golden era of motorsports and the dedicated journalists who captured the excitement and drama of the racing world.